Efficient Designs

Carver Technologies Provides a Flexible Range of Practical Services

From implementation to management, Carver Technologies provides a flexible range of practical services, which can be tailored to the clients needs. This partnership approach enables a holistic approach to energy savings throughout the lifecycle of the building.  

Carver Technologies solutions are fully customized to your facilities. By combining our expertise with products and systems from renowned worldwide manufacturers and

Efficient Designs

Carver Technologies

Carver Technologies is an energy efficient partner providing turn key solutions for facilities.  Using the LOYTEC product line and our professional expertise; whether you have a new building, retrofit, or design-build project, we will tailor our services to whatever fits best into your agenda.  

 Our systems provides total visibility and control for building operators using intuitive visualization depicting real time data so you can see what is happening in your building at the exact time it is happening

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Work Process

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    Full Consulting and design services

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    New and retrofit installations of pre-designed and design build applications

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    Remote Monitoring and operation of Your Facility Performed by highly Qualified Professionals

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    Remote/ on-site maintenance programs tailored to your building applications

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    Ongoing Commissioning

    Continuous monitoring and analysis of facility's overall Performance

Services we Offer

Our Services

Database Management

You do not have to be an IT professional to run a successful building management system. We will create your buildings database and host it on our onsite server with state-of-the-art software giving you the peace of mind your historical data and the logic running your building will be repeatedly backed up and stored in a safe location. Let Carver Technologies take the heavy lifting off your shoulders and give you the peace of mind that your buildings data is safe regardless of what happens in your building.

Data Visualization

hrough numerous methods, we make it easy to access your building whether you are on site or halfway around the world. Using one of many methods, you can login to your buildings database and make changes in real time using LWEB900 database software or onsite using LWEB802 depending on how you choose at the time of installation. Whether you are using a smartphone, pc, or tablet we make it easy for anyone from any background to control and monitor daily building operations. All we need is a live Internet connection supplied by your building.

Service Agreement

What separates Carver Technologies from the rest, is we take a personal interest into each and every one of our customers buildings. We will guide you through every aspect of your buildings functionality until you are 100% comfortable doing it on your own. With our competent service team, we will be only a phone call away to assist in making changes, troubleshoot issues, or to simply answer any questions you might have. We are there for you 24/7.


Whether your existing control system is not performing up to the standard that you deserve, or they are simply outdated; we take pride in our ability to go into your building, identify the flaws, and provide a turnkey solution with minimal downtime. We are experts in retrofits when equipment being down is out of the question. The comfort of the individuals in your building is our prime concern and we will take every measure to assure that even with your building control’s being replaced, the functionality is still intact.


We don’t just specialize in controlling HVAC equipment; anything from lights, window shades, surveillance systems, or even other manufacturer control systems can be incorporated into your Building Management System. This eliminates the need to have multiple different systems in your building working independently. Carver Technologies will integrate multiple different systems and technology and expose it to you under one system to optimize building operations.


We will create custom Trend Logs for your system that are stored on our building controllers and backed up to your buildings database using LWEB900. Using the graphical view, you can easily scroll and monitor the performance of your building.Using the LWEB900 client software, you can create custom reports from trend logs to display and graph historical data from user selected intervals and export to the file type of your choosing. If there are any troubled areas in your building, data points can be trended on the fly in the database for temporary monitoring until the issues have been resolved.


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Carver Technologies operates similarly to the human body, with a central nervous system made up of sensors and the building management system. These continually monitor the facility's environment and control its functional organs whether they be lighting, HVAC, power and so on.
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